My Story:
First and foremost, what is ADJenz and how did he come up with it? I wanted a little piece of the internet to call my own. By taking my full name, Aaron D. Jensen and morphed it into A.D.Jenz. This has been signature since around 2001 when I purchased the domain name. History has it as going back much further.


 Like To Do:
Travel – In my lifetime, I have been to a wide variety of states & countries.
Shop, hang out, party, chill, game, ride/drive around, movies, chat, phone, sleep, cuddle, bike, boating, water-skiing, fix stuff, break stuff and manage this site.

    About The Author 
I’m around 5’6, 165lbs, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, glasses…

Currently employed as a Service Technician at a company called Digital Surveillance Concepts. Based out of Fargo, ND, were a small surveillance company with great products, customers and employee’s.

Where to find out more? 
AIM: Memphis2k
-Youtube as memphis2k2
-Twitter as ADJenz & Memphis2k
-Facebook (don’t use it) – Link
-About.me – Link
-Google Profile – Link
-On Google Plus(+) too.
Status: Taken  
Approximately Friday, November 15, 2002 1:15PM, I asked out Rachel Ritter and she said yes.
She graduated from MSU-Moorhead with a 4 year degree in Exercise Science

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